We increasingly find our data being flagged and tracked in the digital world whether that be when joining a gym, ordering goods online or opening a bank account. There is almost no point in fighting the flagging and tracking tools, it's about as thankless a task as trying to shove lava back into a volcano. In any event there can be benefits to us as consumers and businesses in these tools paying attention to our data. 

The important thing is knowing where your data is going and that it's being looked after and that applies whether you're an individual or a business. The good news is that increased protection for your data is on its way (in the form of a new regulation called General Data Protection Regulation) and it's being introduced with the aim of streamlining and simplifying the existing regime. 

The EU regulation that'll overhaul the current UK Data Protection regime is likely to enter into force this spring (ahead of the vote on Brexit) and all things being equal, it will be applicable as of spring 2018. 

The UK Information Commissioners' Office has issued a handy guide for SME's setting out 12 key action points to help them to prepare for the changes. It's worth considering these steps now to understand how they may impact your business. Here is the link: