This is truly encouraging information for budding entrepreneurs. Millennials are changing the way that business is being done. Flexible work arrangements and bartering by exchanging skills is becoming the norm for an increasing number of small and start-up businesses. The focus for the new generation of start-ups is on collaboration with a DIY element that is encouraged through informal meet-ups, clinics and social gatherings. Gone are the days of traditional formalities. Services have to be more accessible, flexible, happen quicker and be cheaper than ever before – the sharing economy achieves this.

This is the dawn of a new day for anyone thinking of starting a business. It’s never been easier for start-ups to get access to skills, free information, advice, funding platforms and the co-working environments that facilitate this.

We’re huge fans of these vibrant co-working spaces. If you’re looking for information on getting started, our guide is a helpful first step. Here's the link: