We're all guilty of this at times. I know I am. I over-think stuff, worry about whether I'm just a bit crazy or that I've missed something obvious, constantly question whether it's fair to delegate but hate the idea of micro-managing anyone, find it hard to switch off... 

And then of course I worry about how much time I have spent worrying and not getting on with the to-do list. 

What's comforting is that I'm clearly not alone by a long stretch. The attached piece by YFS magazine is an insightful and reassuring run-down of the things that entrepreneurs and many of us in business experience every day - and what to do about it.  

I'd make the list just one item longer though. In my view, item 16 should be: 'be fair but don't let anyone else get in your way either. 

Still, that's a whole other conversation.