Some may think customer surveys are outdated and useless but as far as we’re concerned, this isn’t the case. Our experience is that if you use the right survey, asking the right questions, then they are one of the most useful ways of measuring your customers’ satisfaction. We find that surveys are a great way to collect up suggestions and comments from your customers on what you could do better or what other services they may be interested in.

But what makes for good survey questions? Well, in addition to asking whether your employees were polite, knowledgeable and understanding, it’s also good to ask:

  • how long it took for your employee to respond to the customer’s initial enquiry
  • how long it took them to answer the phone
  • which of your services the customer used and
  • what other services they might be interested in.

We also feel it’s really important to leave some space for any other comments they wish to make – don’t be shy of what they may say – good or bad, it’s all useful.

At LHS we’re proud of the results we achieve on our 24/7 legal advice line, with overall customer satisfaction never dropping below 96% in the last decade – over 99% in this last quarter. And whilst it would be great to be all self-congratulatory about it – the real credit should actually go back to our customers. I know that sounds a bit perverse, so let me explain. We attribute our success to our customers. They are the best management consultants you could have. They freely and frequently give us feedback, they are happy to brainstorm ideas that we have and solutions that we think they’ll be interested in. So essentially, they make us make them happy. And if you keep at it, as we have over the last decade (and will continue to do), then it becomes a virtuous circle, with them very much at the centre of it.

And then there’s the fact that it’s not 100% satisfaction. We’d really like it to be 100% - or more… if that’s possible! Perhaps that’s a bit utopian – but we’ve spent so many years striving to get there and it’s still a key target that we have within our business. Funnily enough, the more we evolve and the more we offer and the harder we try to make it 100%, the more we find that there is always room for improvement and there is always something else we want to do.

Last July, we had a firm-wide team awayday and one of our sessions was hosted by Pearlfisher’s Futures Director, Shaun Jones. Shaun spoke about why consumers love certain brands and how this comes about. He also told us, amidst much laughter, that he felt it really was possible for consumers to love lawyers. We believe it should be too. So whilst 99% might seem close enough, we feel it’s not good enough.

Survey results have helped keep us on our toes and to expand our business offering to ensure that it always adds real value to our customers.

Because when all’s said and done, you can be as flash and savvy as you like, but there’s still no real substitute for good old fashioned manners and customer service. Long live the customer survey!