If you have both, it makes you able to push boundaries and any business, large or small, can do this.

It's about your ethos, not what you spend or how big you are. We'd all like larger marketing budgets and to not be on a shoestring (I know I would!). But if you protect the values that you start out with, your team spirit and your sense of what you stand for, then you're well positioned to make things happen. No ad agency can give you this spirit and strength. That's what you and your people create and what you believe in. You create your own ID.

So while many big brands do it well - and there's plenty of inspiration to be gleaned from looking at how they do it. They don't have the monopoly on creativity and only you can impede your own ability to start a movement, in your direction.

So if you haven't yet done so, I challenge you, in the words of Esther Stanhope (the unstoppable impact entrepreneur, speaking at our media launch recently), 'to be brave. Why not step outside of your comfort zone? Because when you do, great things can happen...'