I have been reading about the inspiring story of Stephen Beech who went from selling lollies on the school playground to owning a multi-million pound property empire and two things struck me.

The first is a reminder of just how much hard work entrepreneurs have to put into their business if they are to have even a chance of it becoming a success. Often entrepreneurs will start their business whilst already having a job and so they have to give up every spare moment to get their new business off the ground. Nothing comes easy.

The second point which struck me was that Stephen Beech still uses the same solicitors he used for the conveyancing of his very first property. At LHS Solicitors all of our staff came together to talk about what our key values as a firm are and we decided that one of those was Growing Together. We obviously wanted our business to succeed and to grow but equally important was that our customers’ businesses needed to succeed and grow and that we could help them to achieve that.

Of course there’s always a temptation for businesses to concentrate on their bigger customers, but most big businesses start small. Mr Beech’s solicitors obviously gave a good quality service to him when he was purchasing a single, relatively low value property, and they’ve now been rewarded for that as Mr Beech’s business has grown.

It’s important to remember the proverb that from little acorns grow mighty oaks. Every customer deserves the same good quality level of service. Who knows where it may lead for both professional advisers and their customers.