Except it shouldn’t feel like you’re taking the plunge, should it? Hiring someone – or more than one person – is a big deal for most of us. It should be an exciting or at the very least a satisfying experience. You’re bringing someone on board, someone who will be ‘one of you’, who you’ll need to trust and who you almost want not to think about after that, since they’ll hopefully do what you need them to do so well that you can focus on the other demands for your time and attention.

Whatever the size of your business, typically, employers invest a lot of time and effort in finding the right fit and enticing the right candidate. And we generally do that because we’re bringing someone new into the inner sanctum. And because at some point, most of us have either heard, or even experienced, the horrors of what a poorly performing, dishonest or disruptive colleague can do. As Jo Malone astutely comments below, it matters, so don’t rush it or cut corners. To that I would also add that in all your interview meetings be clear about what you’re looking for and what that means for the candidate. Then make sure that this is crystal clear in the contractual documents that will govern your relationship with that new recruit going forward.

Returning to my metaphor of the plunge - if it does still feel like you’re taking a bit of plunge by bringing someone new on-board, remember that a diver may seek advice about the right technique, but they generally won’t delegate checking the depth of pool or how to get out of the pool to anyone else! For help in getting the recruitment and on-boarding process right and reducing that feeling of free-fall or uncertainty, take a look at our free guides, videos and other content here:

They’ll help to ensure that your plunge is an exhilarating and successful one.

Anyone for a relaxing swim?