Get to know and create your own 'Mike' in this really valuable infographic attached to the article below.

It's essentially advice that we followed recently during our own reinvention journey. We found this approach invaluable. And although it will require a little effort on your part, building your own version of 'Mike' is straightforward. You should have most of the answers at your fingertips already (or easy means to get them). More fundamentally, knowing your own Mike - or Mandy, or several Mikes and Mandys - will spell the difference between you achieving a sustainable vs. a fragile customer connection with your target audience(s).

The only thing I'd add to the advice in the infographic is that where you land can't stay static. You need to keep looking at the contributing elements in this brilliant infographic, so that the minute Mike or Mandy's behaviour, needs or influencing environment evolves, you're rapidly aware of this and ready to evolve successfully in response...

...keeping your business relationship with all your Mikes and Mandys happy, 'sticky' and profitable.

You won't regret it. We certainly haven't.

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