The Care Quality Commission (CQC) have begun releasing data for their most recent group of inspections. In the south of England approximately 40% of adult social care providers were rated ‘requires improvement’ or ‘inadequate’, versus 57% being ‘good’ and just under 3% ‘outstanding’.

The CQC go on to say that where they have re-inspected a service rated poorly, they have found improvement in half of these premises. Whilst in some sense this is encouraging, in that around 80% of services will be reaching at least the required standard, this leaves approximately 60,000 service users receiving sub-standard care.

However, we have also seen providers struggling to get to grips with CQC inspections and failing to demonstrate to the inspectors that they are already complying with the requirements, in some cases to a very high standard. This has, in some instances, resulted in unwarranted enforcement action which could inevitably affect their rating.

It is perhaps too early to say whether CQC’s new inspection regime is bringing about different inspection outcomes and whether this will lead to an overall improvement in standards. However, at LHS we can help you clearly understand the inspection process and make sure that you and your staff know how to demonstrate compliance and are easily able to produce whatever evidence the inspector may require. For more information follow this link.

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