I might be out of sight. But if I'm one of your customers, now or potentially in the future, if I'm also 'out of mind' - your mind, that is - this is going to be a problem. Because it probably means you're not listening to me; perhaps not at all, or maybe just not fast enough. 

It's a fact that even though it's now possible to interact remotely, and in real-time, with customers all over the world, business is still very personal, especially for customers.  

If it doesn't feel personal, then these days, what's on offer is highly likely to be rejected or ignored in favour of a rival customer experience that is personal. 

Part of making any kind of customer experience 'personal', is ensuring that the service you provide keeps pace with customer expectations, including when it comes to your efficiency and tone when dealing with enquiries, complaints and even general communications or discussions that are relevant to what you sell and to whom you're selling it.  

This linked article is a short, worthwhile read. It contains handy tips and reminders about how to proactively ensure customers choose you, again and again. 

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