Life doesn’t always go to plan – but there are easy steps you can take to keep things on track for your business. The sad fact is that a lot of businesses underestimate the importance of taking these steps. Don’t be one of them. Having the right terms and conditions in place for your business is one of the critical safeguards that you should have in place from the moment that you first start trading. Keeping them up to date and ensuring they’re still relevant is also important, as your business grows and evolves.

I can probably list more, but I’ll start with the 8 benefits of having properly written terms and conditions and these include:

  1. It provides you with trading certainty;
  2. It minimises your risk of costly legal disputes;
  3. It cover issues that might not be so obvious but often provide you with the most important protections of all;
  4. It enables you to enforce your rights with suppliers and/or customers;
  5. It creates efficiencies by ensuring consistency, in turn helping you to provide good customer service;
  6. It helps you to manage your customers’ expectations;
  7. It helps you to comply with the law;
  8. All of which saves you and your business money.

The attached read also includes a free and easy to follow checklist so you can double check for yourself whether the terms that you’re using are properly protecting your business.

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