Expectations of products and services over the last 10 years have completely changed. As consumers, we’re now more likely to stand up for ourselves and demand our rights. This is because these days, if we aren’t happy with the service we’ve received, the likelihood is we can find someone else who can deliver it better.

Some may say ‘well that’s one less client to worry about’ but that is totally missing the point!

In my experience of working in recruitment and in sales roles, customer service starts internally. When you start by helping others in your business, it means you are ultimately helping your business succeed.

Superior internal customer service improves productivity, morale, employee retention, external customer service, ultimately leading to profitability. 

Why not give co-workers the same consideration we give an external customer, thus building loyalty both inside and out?

There are 4 A’s of internal customer service, which if followed, should enable any business to present itself in a way which ensures great external customer service.

1. Appearance

Support your colleagues patiently, calmly and where appropriate, with a smile on your face. The impressions you leave with your colleagues influences their own demeanour and that in turn runs through to your customers.

2. Attention

Good attention to each other amongst internal work-mates, for example, listening and respectfully responding to each other, translates into a well-motivated team who are positive, determined to succeed and they are focused. A team that understands and buys into the clear business goals shared with them is far more likely to hit its targets.

3. Accuracy

There is an old saying that I really like:" measure twice and cut once ". It means take the time to plan and get the job done right and it will save you time and money in the long run. Attention to detail amongst all team members is really vital, no matter what the task in hand. Be more accurate gathering information and sharing what you learn with your colleagues, who will be confident in turn, about how they relay that information to your clients. Business representatives who appear well-informed and well-prepared are always the more impressive and memorable ones.

4. Attitude

It doesn’t matter how much money a company spends on brand and marketing of its business, if the employees of that organisation don't reflect the values of the business, then this can really affect the chances of success. If you are treated with disrespect as an employee, the chances are you may adopt a similar approach to your customers!

The 4 A's are clear, simple and logical. And most of all, they really work. I'm sure you'll find that too.

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