Being digitally brave is something we wholeheartedly believe in at elXtr, because that's what we feel we are every day. Our sector is not renowned for being ‘digitally native’ or disruptive. So there’s been no comfort in turning to our more established peer group to find reassurance that what we’ve attempted will work.

And as the linked article points out, you have to be willing to disrupt yourselves, essentially from the inside-out, before you can create and implement radical change anywhere else. Many C-suite members, even investors and key clients, will object to the notion of a business going through internal and then external reinvention. It’s not easy to be brave in any environment, let alone a digital one...

...Or is it?

Happily, you can be brave by degrees

Much of our own bravery has been developed by learning from the successful bravery of others, albeit in sectors and for applications radically different to ours.

But it's amazing just how radical and differentiated you can get when you stop looking at what you could do through your own eyes or through the lens of your most successful rivals, and instead look at what consumers really love - in any purchasing experience (forget yours/ your industries), and then you apply those behavioural preferences to your own situation.

Don't copy your rival. Instead, take your inspiration from the businesses that consumers champion in any sector. Invariably, these days, you'll find those businesses are also digital.

And in the digital environment, we've found that its often easier to be brave than anywhere else. Especially if your competition isn't really coming anywhere close to what the digital champions can do.

Make your network your team & you've got a new way to build courage 

Tamara points out in the linked article below that digital bravery is a team sport. For us, that's never a truer word said. We have so many different senses of 'team' in our business.

We team up with our role models and business mentors, folks like Appointed or Passle, to offer digitally different experiences to our customers and or to help identify the right opportunities for us.

We team up with our customers to add value to what they sell in turn, supporting them to further develop their unique sales angles online and off, so that they too can stand apart from their rivals.

We team up and collaborate with our more established sister companies, finding new ways to present to their target consumers, consolidated propositions from us all, that you can't find elsewhere on the market. For me, Tamara’s observation in the linked article that ‘no longer are there solid boundaries between industries’ strikes a real chord. That’s exactly what we’re finding every day. All of a sudden, what we would traditionally have considered a purely legal product, like firing someone for example, has become a broader, more encompassing, business solution, when packaged with other ingredients of expertise from experts in cyber, or forensics, finance or IT. There’s no longer a reason for anyone to offer only one element of the solutions that businesses need to thrive.

And of course it always takes an incredibly strong, intrapreneurial team to reinvent, bargain, negotiate and persuade senior managers and parent company investors to be brave and back a team that wants to strike out in a wholly new and competitively unchartered direction.

If your network is your team, then it’s not just one voice making the case internally for being brave and striking out in a new direction, you can present a reassuring chorus of loud and supportive voices armed with shared data and compelling evidence of just how beneficial being digitally brave and boundary-less can be.

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