...business creativity, productivity and employee engagement would be the stronger for it. 

It makes you think, doesn't it?

The technologically-empowering experience that we enjoy when we're not at work is often so different and superior to the technology (or lack of it) that we often grapple with when we're working.

When it comes to the sales and marketing experience, as consumers, we know what we love (and even expect) from our favourite brands.

Is it right, however, that only the consumer should have this empowering experience when they buy from or interact with the businesses in which we work?

I've linked this short, insightful article because it poses that very question. In fact, following some interesting recent research, it suggests that a major causal factor of employee disengagement in the workplace is the substantial difference in the standards of technology experienced by employees vs consumers of businesses. 

It's a difference that the author also suggests is responsible for other gaps in business development, such as increased productivity, creativity and the collation of invaluable data insights that could spell the difference when it comes to competitive edge and market reach.

Of course, whether many of us can afford to upgrade our existing technology is another challenge altogether! I'm sure there must be some easy wins. 

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