I've been carrying around a now rather dog-eared copy of Stacey Alcorn's article (linked below) for the last month. It's one of those few reads that I just keep thinking about. And I rather enjoy the luxury of reading it on paper, away from the digital distractions of everything else popping up on my phone these days. 

Alcorn attributes the success of her property business to her instinctive nature to be curious - something that I resonates strongly with me given my own never ending need to find out how to make things better. 

For Alcorn, this passionate curiosity has translated to over 350 interviews with business leaders, entrepreneurs, celebrities and others, whose stories, shared experiences and advice have inspired her and the countless others who have read and enjoyed her published pieces. 

In the linked article, Alcorn identifies 5 reasons why being curious breeds real business success. I particularly love the advice to stop thinking in terms of what's already been done, and to focus instead on what might, just might, be possible, if you look at the world through a different lens. 

Today's market disrupters did just that. Tomorrow's will be applying that same approach today. 

Where will your curiosity take you in 2017? 

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