Have you ever had a night out or attended an event where you consumed contaminated food or drink? I have been through such an ordeal and it's a nasty experience.

This is also what happened to a couple celebrating their 40th wedding anniversary, Mr & Ms Wood. They had booked an all-inclusive package holiday to the Dominican Republic through well-known holiday provider, First Choice. Both Mr & Ms Wood became seriously ill after consuming meals from the hotel restaurant.

They subsequently sued First Choice for damages as a result of this experience.

The case recently reached the Court of Appeal where it has been confirmed that the contract between First Choice and Mr & Ms Wood was a contract both for the supply of services (i.e. flights and hotel accommodation) and the supply of goods (food and drink consumed during the all-inclusive holiday). The court further concluded that the food was contaminated with bacteria that caused serious illness and therefore it was not of satisfactory quality.  

As a result, the court awarded damages to Mr & Ms Wood in the amount of £24,000, even though the food was supplied by the hotel.

Details of the court case can be found here.

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