It is important to have an open dialogue with your customers and thereby you can win their trust. By offering a sincere, open and trust worthy relationship they will refer others to you.

Retaining your customers is crucial. You would have spent a lot of money marketing your services and building up your customer base, so the last thing that you would like is if they all decided to just walk away from your business and move over to your competitors.

If you are able to retain your customers for a considerable length of time, they will pay a premium for your service. They are also less likely to leave you for a competitor, because they are more familiar with you, your prices and the services that you offer. If your competitors try to entice your customers, it’s likely to be expensive and time consuming.

Acquiring new customers can cost you between three to seven times more than trying to retain your current ones, as stated by Colin Barrow in his book Starting a Business for Dummies (2016).

Customer care is also very important; in fact it should be at the top of your list. This should be done in a measureable way. Encourage your customers to tell you about any problems they are experiencing with your services or your products. Let your customers know their rights and your keep them informed of your refund policy.

Be aware that dissatisfied customers tell between 8-15 others about their experience (this is also from Colin Barrow’s book as mentioned above). So try to avoid negative publicity.

You should engage with your customers on a regular basis, consider the following:

  1. Obtain customer feedback by using a questionnaire either in paper form or on-line. You might want to try “Question pro”, which is a web-based service for conducting on-line surveys. You can use the customer feedback in a positive way, by taking on-board their comments to make improvements to your business;
  2. Consider issuing a regular newsletter, where you can keep your customers up to date with special offers, company news and brand awareness. This will build relationships;
  3. Remembering customer birthdays or anniversaries are another way to engage and maintain contact with your customers and show that you care;
  4. Use a product launch or the introduction of new services to invite customers to your business premises; this could even be coupled with a networking event. This will give you the opportunity to meet face-to-face with your customers and build trust.                                                                                                                                                                           In conclusion, be consistent with any marketing activity you choose, as customers are valuable. They are the life-line to every business. Reward customer loyalty.                       

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