What is unique about you? Why should I use your services or buy your products over and above someone else’s? You might say it’s because you’re cheaper than your competitors. However, as a business owner, is your uniqueness just based on price alone? Is that sustainable? Are you able to cover all your costs, make a profit and still smile at the end of it?

Take one step back and look closely at what service and/or products you are offering. Ask yourself these questions: Do you offer value for money? How about customer service, is this important to the services or products that you offer? Are you a trail blazer within your industry? How about the quality element to your business? Are you accessible to your clientele?

These are just a few questions to ask yourself, especially if you are struggling to identify your unique selling proposition.

Consider taking some time out to identify what you offer that your competitors don’t. Try to identify how you can stand out in some way. Take a step-by-step approach and go through all of your services and identify what can be improved, what can be done better and how you can work towards becoming a leader or specialist within your business sector. 

Have you identified ways to raise your profile? Have you considered developing your skills to be able to speak at conferences, seminars and business awards? 

Consider writing a blog on a regular basis, along with contributing to business forums. 

Attend networking events to widen your business contacts. Don’t just gather individual’s details just for the sake of it, but consider developing worthwhile business related relationships, joint initiatives and introducing businesses to each other.

Always remember that people do business with people. No business is an island. Do something today that you have never done before and be different.

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