As a business owner you’ll find there are many ways to promote and market your business. This can be done with little to no money; but time will be the currency in which to make this happen. Having a clear strategy and a realistic budget is key if you want to maximise the opportunity in this area.

Below are 7 effective ways to promote and market your business:

  1. Word of mouth is one of the most effective ways to raise your profile. Allow others to do this for you. Once you have done a good job or produce value for money, people will talk about it and recommend you to others.

  2. Business cards and stationery are still very effective. They sit better within the package of branding along with your logo, website, promotional material (leaflets and posters) and any other form of written material.

  3. Advertising still exists. Whether you advertise within magazines, newspapers, billboards, through radio, television or via social media - be sure that you know the budget that you have allocated for this area of the business.

  4. Raising your profile through creative yet realistic ways is also effective. Speaking at events and conferences; being the expert in your industry is a fantastic way to let people know that you are around. Also consider webinars and YouTube if you want to connect with your audience remotely. Another area is through receiving awards. This is an ideal way to be honoured for what you do.

  5. Social media is still the leading vehicle to use. Whether it is Twitter, Facebook for business, LinkedIn, YouTube Instagram or blogging, you still need to ensure that you have a strategy that is professional and constantly operational.

  6. Have you ever considered getting involved in a professional body? Most businesses are members of the Institute of …, the Federation of… or the Association of … Consider sitting on the board and getting involved alongside running your business. By giving back and supporting the industry that you are in you will be surprised by how great the rewards are.

  7. Trade shows and exhibitions are still the traditional ways to connect with potential consumers. Remember to budget at least a year ahead to really make this method of marketing your business worthwhile.

Although the above is not an exhaustive list, it is a great place to start to raise the profile of yourself and that of your business.

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