This year during the summer months you may have plenty of time on your hands. You may have been contemplating starting a business for some time, but was not sure what business to start or when would be the ideal time to start. When planning a business I usually advise that you spend several months researching the market to see whether there is a demand for your products or services. However, now might be the best time to step out to either test the market or start your dream business.

There are a number of businesses that are seasonal and although they can be carried through to the winter months. There is usually high demand for those services when the weather is warm.

The most popular include:

Photography, pop-up stands,  car washing,  organised sports events,  gardening, tour guide,  face painting,  summer camp,  food & beverage sales, errand services, barbecue catering,  water sport instruction,  party entertainment,  pet sitting, smoothie stands,  growing vegetables and designing and selling t-shirts.

The above lists are not exhaustive as there are many others such as hobbies, professional and building services that can also be put into this category. However, they all solve a problem; they do not require too much financial outlay, they are quick to get started and flexible.

Why not take the first step and give it a go?

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