Understanding and valuing your customers will help you to improve the quality and level of service you provide to your customers.  Listening to your customers can help you identify any issues you may have not been aware of and address any concerns your customers may have. This can also help you to plan for the future, develop new products and maintain relationships. 


The best way to understand your customers is to put yourself in their shoes, this will allow you to look at your business in an objective way and highlight any areas that need improving. Your customers are the lifeline of your business and without them your business will not be able to survive. It is worth considering conducting regular surveys and requesting feedback on how you can improve your business. You can also ask for feedback on different areas of your business such as your website, products, services, customers and their overall experience and ask how your service can be improved.

Having a forum gives you the opportunity to converse and discuss different topics around your business and sector. This can help with establishing your profile, building new relationships and reassuring customers they are valued.  Another way you can engage with your customers is via telephone or on a face to face basis, which is a simple but effective way of communicating. By meeting and talking to your customers you will be able to discuss what is working and not working well for your business. 

Utilising web analytical tools such as Google analytics, Buffer and Mint can provide you with valuable information on how your customers use your website. You will be able to understand how many people have visited your website, the duration, their location, what areas of your website were used and any issues customers may have faced. This information will allow you to amend your website in accordance to how customers engage with your website.  


Looking after your customers will make them feel appreciated and valued which can assist with customer retention. Retain your existing customers is important as if you can get this right you will not have to work as hard to attract new ones. It has been shown that if you do not value your customers they may leave and potentially go to your competitors. 

A good way of showing customers how much they are really valued is by offering a loyalty scheme which can be a paid or a free service. The scheme should offer promotions and discounts on products and services. It would be beneficial in highlighting how much money customers will save as a result of being a part of the scheme. It is also worth considering running regular competitions, give aways, promotions and flash sales. This is a perfect opportunity to show your customers how much they are valued. 

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