Do you remember the passion that you had when you wanted to start your business? A passion that was strong enough to conquer the business world. You had lists of things that you wanted to achieve, people that you wanted to meet, places that you wanted to go and a turnover that was the greatest motivator of all? Did you achieve all that you wanted to? Can you tick all the boxes to say that you met all your objectives?

You might have started with great intentions on achieving your goals within your business plan, but due to other pressing deadlines you have not been able to achieve or maintain it.

If this has happened to you do you put time aside to write down your immediate goals for the coming months? Are you continuing to update your business plan?  A lot can be said for investing time in planning and identifying your key objectives for the business. Remaining focused and organised throughout the process helps to meet the targets you set. However, if you have tried one way and it hasn’t worked, consider changing your strategy; don’t forget to monitor the changes over a period of time.

You should consider having someone who you are accountable to who would assist you in developing your business, as they would ensure that you do meet your objectives. You may be able to identify another business owner within your network to provide feedback on your performance. Writing down your goals on a regular basis can appear to be time consuming, but it’s worth spending the time to plan, simply because you can identify which way you are heading. Don’t forget in all that you do, be creative.

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