Most businesses need access to either one or several suppliers to ensure that the products that they sell are of quality and therefore your business is successful. The quality of what they offer demonstrates your choice and in some cases they can dictate the type of client you engage with, so careful research and selection is vital.

Selecting the right supplier for your business is vital for the development and growth of your business. Your supplier must meet your business needs. At the same time you must honour the requests of your supplier. Being open and trustworthy are key to any business relationship. Taking the time to get to know your suppliers is very important. They are the life-line to what you offer. Without them you cannot survive.

Ensure that you have at least 3 suppliers who have good track records for your products and services to ensure that you are able to continue to trade; also knowing when offers are available is always a bonus to any business.

Always allow room for negotiation, as suppliers are always looking for genuine businesses to do business with. Ensure that it is a win-win situation when negotiating with new suppliers. At the same time, try to negotiate favourable credit terms.

Developing good relationships with your supplier is important. Try to inform them of any change of plans well in advance. This could be a launch, a major promotion or expansion plans.

If you are not happy with anything, consider discussing it with your suppliers first before finding an alternative supplier.

So the answer to whether you need more suppliers is businesses are always on the lookout for good reliable suppliers. At the same time suppliers are always on the lookout for new business.

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