The laws protecting women who are expectant or taking maternity leave are quite complex and can often confuse even the most well versed employer or HR professional. According to data collected by ACAS they received over, “14,000 calls last year about pregnancy and maternity issues, an increase of almost 10% on the previous year”.

In a bid to assist employers in navigating the complexities of the laws protecting the rights of the women, who choose to have a baby and continue to work, ACAS has produced a guide, which can be found here.    

The guidance walks employers through a range of everyday workplace scenarios in which discriminatory issues can arise and provides practical tips and training interventions that can be introduced to their workplace. Embedding these suggestions is likely to equip managers and supervisors with the information they need to understand how to make non-discriminatory decisions in relation to new and expectant mothers and those on maternity leave. 

Applying the guidance is likely to lead to better management decisions and a better understanding of how to deal with pregnancy and maternity related issues.  

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