In July 2017 Matthew Taylor conducted an independent review of modern employment practices in the UK. Essentially, the report addressed 6 key issues:

  • Security pay and rights
  • Progression and training
  • The balance of rights and responsibilities
  • Representation
  • Opportunities for under represented groups
  • New business models

The outcome of the review resulted in a total of 53 recommendations, the overall aim of which were intended to ensure that all work in the UK should be, “fair and decent with a realistic scope for development and fulfilment”. The Government, as can be expected, took some time to reflect on the recommendations but at long last they have finally provided a detailed response to the review. Click here to read the Government’s response.

At the heart of the response is the reoccurring sentiment that the Government is prepared to update the current legislative frameworks to meet the challenges of modern working practices. However, as implementation of any of its proposals are likely to have a significant impact the Government wish to seek views from businesses, employers, and any other interested parties as to whether its proposals are fit for purpose, or can they be improved.  To join the debate on how the current legal framework should be reshaped click one or all of the following links:

Responses should be forwarded to the appropriate Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy email address indicated in each consultation link and using the appropriate form provided.

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