Creating a marketing strategy is more than handing out business cards or creating a website. It is creating a strategy of how you intend on promoting your products and services to your customers. 

Your strategy should include key areas relating to the business for example which advertising mediums you intend on using, your budget and business goals.

Also consider:

  • How unique is your business? Have you considered what your unique selling point is or how your products or services will differ from those of your competitors?
  • Be creative - Using a number of different advertising platforms can assist with targeting a wider audience and increasing your chances of engaging with potential customers.
  • Do your research - By identifying your target audience it will enable you to create tailored content for your audience as it will differ depending on their age, social status and location.
  • Set a budget - Using a number of different adverting platforms may cost you money but setting a budget is important, as it can help with choosing the most effective mediums to match your budget.
  • Identify your competition - It is often said imitation is the biggest sign of flattery. A good starting point is to identify what competitor’s advantages and disadvantages are and to build upon them.

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