The British Standards have now updated their guidance on legionella risk assessments (it's called BS8580-1:2019, which replaces BS8580:2010). This now brings the standard in line with current practice and the Health and Safety Executive’s (HSE) new guidance on legionella.  

The HSE updated their approved codes of practice in 2014 and in 2017 they produced further technical guidance for duty holders:

  • HSG 274 Part 1 deals with cooling towers;
  • HSG 274 Part 2 deals with hot and cold water services;
  • HSG 274 Part 3 deals with “other” systems; and
  • HSG 282 deals with spa-pool systems.

The new standard gives clear guidance on the competency of risk assessors for legionella and for the preparation of clear risk assessment reports which are easy to read. The guidance also provides clarity on evaluating the risk of legionella and on reviewing these risks as well as the risk assessment itself.

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