The Charity Commission for England and Wales, together with government partner, the National Cyber Security Centre have published a cybercrime report for the charity sector.

The report highlights the main findings from a cybercrime survey of registered charities in England and Wales during March 2019. The Commission, supported by the Fraud Advisory Panel, contacted a representative and randomly selected sample of 15,000 charities, achieving a 22% response rate.

Interesting statistics from the report include:

  • 36% of charities don’t know which type of cyber-attack they’re most vulnerable to;
  • 30% of cybercrimes were identified by internal IT controls;
  • Where a cyber-attack has occurred, the most common types were phishing/malicious emails (54%) and hacking/extortion (31%).

In addition to good guidance practice, the report also provides case studies and a handy cybercrime prevention checklist for completion by charity trustees, staff and volunteers.

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